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Booking Mangia Ghanja

Things you need to know as you're planning

your special occasion 

We are private chefs.  We open our beautiful home to small parties of 4 - 12 persons where we create delicious, custom infused meals that are handcrafted from scratch, prepared especially for you and your group.

Every dining experience is unique and infusion levels are specific to the individuals preference.  We work with you to develop the perfect menu, taking into consideration any dietary requirements your party may have.  Ingredients are provisioned of the finest quality, always!  We source locally, as best as possible, and select responsibly farmed, organically grown and picked at their peak of flavor and freshness.

Ready to Book?

First things first...

Please provide us with some details regarding your dinner.

  * Date of the event                     * Number of guests
* Dietary restrictions                   * Custom requests
  * Special occasion details

If we have an opening on the date you're requesting then we would  schedule a call with you to discuss your dinner event and answer any questions you may have.


We look forward to helping you plan your next cannabis event.  We're confident your experience with us will exceed your expectations.  

                                          Anne & Ivan

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